SAVANT Home Automation & Theater

Mike and his team just completed our theatre room and home automation and I can say that they are experts In their trade craft.  (This is our second media room- the first done in Virginia).

We could not be more happy with our systems and they are much better than what we had built in Virginia.  We used CONTROL4 In the past but Mike convinced us to look at SAVANT—man am I glad he did that because the SAVANT system and with Easy Living integration is much more easy to use and truly seamless.  The phone app and user controls are amazing and almost unlimited.  Mike and his team created a living experience for us that is second to none. 

If you are thinking of home automation or want a theater room the rivals the movie industry - call mike!  His team won’t let you down and they are a lot of fun to work with and are true experts!!! 

Builder Note


Your guys are great.  Thank you for sending a couple of professionals.  I really appreciate it.
D. Gelsinger

Frank Robertson & Kathy Fountain

A wonderful video of our friends and clients Frank Robertson & Kathy Fountain showing off their beautiful Family Room smart home system!

Ruckus System

Morning Mike,

Got into the office early this morning and have been enjoying the speed of the new network!

The Ruckus system the guys put in last week is solid and fast! The wireless speed is the same as whats coming in the building on a hard line.


Eric J Higgs
President and CEO
William Paleveda
Sales Account Executive

Testimonials - Luma Stream

Thanks, Kevin!

Dear Mark-

Many thanks for sending Kevin Latham for the warranty work in Longboat Key. He is professional, patient, polite and hard working. What a nice combination of attributes.

He also communicates about what he is doing, what problems he is seeing and how he is implementing the solutions. He does all of that without slowing down. I think we are all systems go in Longboat Key.

Thanks again for the quality support,


Gilligan's Island Themed Home

See how Easy Living with Technology created this amazing Gilligan's Island inspired Home Theater.

"You guys ROCK!"

My wife and I just spoke to Mark on the phone and wanted to convey to you in writing how thrilled we are with the home theater system we purchased from you and had installed by the awesome team of Brian Harding, Dave Jordan and Kevin Latham. What a great group of professionals...they actually made the process fun...great sense of humor all and extremely impressive know how!

Brian was particularly AWESOME!!! He never quit until the job made my wife and I happy...it was great to learn that Brian is also a perfectionist...he had a phenomenal attitude and a fantastic sense of humor as he methodically worked his electronics magic. He has a genuine passion for what he does and it clearly shows in his demeanor and tradecraft!

We LOVE what you put together for us. Be assured, we will be singing your praises every time we host our intimate Popcorn and Movie dates with other couples!

We will also be contacting you down the road about installing and programming in remote-sensor blinds on our three windows.

You guys ROCK!!!

With great appreciation,

Mark J.

Office Automation Testimonial

Most Fantastic Experience

"This letter is to thank you and your wonderful team for providing my family with the most fantastic home theater experience we have ever had.

As the National Manager for Builders for a firm which once marketed home theaters, I have experienced various home theater designs over the last 7 years. The solution offered by Easy Living has turned out to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as cost effective.

Special thanks to Dave, Jimmy, Steve, and David for providing fantastic personal attention and outstanding service. Thanks to Mark Elble for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the project was on time and within budget.

I would stongly recommend Easy Living with Technology to both new home buyers and as well as existing home owners because of your responsiveness to the needs of your customer. You guys do fantastic work!!! "

-Rodney J.

Dr. Josh Halpern

Dr. Josh Halpern talks about his amazing new Home Theater and the DPI Projector.

"A Rare Find"


I have been in the construction service industry for over 25 years. I know what it means to deal with different types of clients and to try to meet their needs keep them happy and to achieve standards that the rest of the industry can only try to match.

The following employees of your company; David,Kevin,Mark and Brandon, have represented your company only in a positive light.

They have been a constant positive gift from what could easily be called a criminal act by our first General Contractor on this project.

Out of the many sub-contractors that have visited my mothers home your company has always been respectful attentive and courteous to myself,my mother and, her home. I am truly grateful for them and the work they have performed at the site.

Mark has gone out of his way to be available even on personal time. He has worked very hard to make my mother happy. He has given her quality at an affordable price.

Any time I have spoken to Brandon he has always tried to meet our needs through scheduling. Always polite and respectful. A rare thing these days.

David and Kevin have been lifesavers at times. Always flexible to do things that we needed due to time constraints. In fact twice Kevin has helped me via cell phone on his days off. They are always about the task at hand. They always take the time to listen to any issues we may have and help me with ways to solve such problems. They have been a valuable asset to our project.

It is very rare to find employees like these. I know that out of the 70+ people I was responsible for it was a rare find. I want to personally thank you and your company for doing your job and doing it well. I would gladly use your company again in the future. I look forward to a bid on the new garage and apartment we are building. I know I will gladly recommend Easy Living with Technology to anyone I know in need of your services.

With sincere thanks,

Mr. L. D. I."

"The Biggest Problem"

"Terrific. Thanks Brandon. And Mike and Kevin. You all have been terrific. We have been so happy with the system. The biggest problem we seem to have are the kids loosing the remote all of time."


Modern Styled Theater

Pediatric Cancer Foundation

"Thank you so much for your generous contribution of equipment and wiring for our new offices. You truly went above and beyond for our organization. The time that your team took to wire the office and set up the board room was invaluable. And your hard work to get your vendors to donate their products to us was also extremely generous on your part.

Thanks to your generosity, we now have a state of the art board room where we proudly bring our guests to meet and discuss the important work we do here for children who are battling cancer. We can show our visitors and business associates our beautiful videos on our amazing big screen with incredible sound quality thanks to speakers in the ceiling. It is very impressive and we owe it all to you.

Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness. On behalf of the children and families we serve each day, we are very grateful to you."

-Barbara R.

Thank You

"Just wanted to thank you for all your work. Our home theater came out great, just as we've planned it. We are all enjoying it all the time. All your staff have been very professional, resourceful and worked in a very timely manner!

Thanks again,

Nadia and Khaled E.

Testimonials - Paradise Theater

"Paradise Theater"


Looking forward to updating the "Paradise Theater" and dusting off the chandelier!"

Condo Installation

"Dave from your office completed the installation at my condo yesterday. I want to share with you that Dave did a very nice job- he was thorough, professional, and patient. You ought to commend him for his efforts.

Needless to say, it has been a pleasure to work with you and your team. We had some bumps along the way but we worked through them, thanks to your professional staff."

-Sri S.

Presentation Experience

"Mike, many thanks to you and your team for an inspiring presentation for my associates last night!! We all learned a lot; the main thing was that your enthusiasm and vast expertise make you all the partner of choice for anyone who wants a "smarter home" and the very best entertainment options. You guys are truly the best!!

Thanks again

-Maddy Krasne


Testimonials - Sotherby's

Singing Hearts!

"Mike and team,

Your generosity makes my heart sing! I am thrilled with the system; you’ve outdone yourself! Thank you so much for your donation of our complete sound system at our new Trinity Cafe.


Cindy D."

Ron Rose Theater

Pane Rustica