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Starlight Laser PTZ Dome Camera

Starlight Laser PTZ Dome Camera

Introducing the ICRealtime 2MegaPixel PTZ ( Pan/Tilt/Zoom ) Motorized Camera!  Remote controllable from your Smart Phone and Records to your NVR (Network Video Recorder).

This camera features the very best of long range optics in order to give you maximum resolution at a maximum range (40x optical zoom/16x Digital) for large perimeter areas such as parking lots, large lots, and ports. In addition, the camera features a long range laser illuminator that turns nightime into daytime at up to 1500 ft. Laser nighttime illumination is superior to infrared because it has a more effective range and almost no introduced noise, making it ideal for high detail discernment of faces, vehicles, and objects over huge distances in zero light.

The camera also features a powerful object tracking of vehicles and people as they move within defined boundaries. The video analytics feature tripwire, intrusion, scene change, face detection, and much more. It will send notifications, snapshots and alarms when it recognizes preset rule violations via email or text message.

The camera includes endless 360 degree rotation, 300 presets and AutoPan or Autoscan. The camera housing is vandal, dust and harsh weather proof making it extremely durable. 

Check out this short video of Kevin demonstrating the AWESOME IC Realtime Starlight Laser PTZ Camera!