Temperature Control


The Easy Living Comfort Control system extends a simple, energy-saving concept to home and office climate control.

Easy Living's Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition Systems (HVAC) offers total climate control for any home, residential setting, or commercial development. Easy Living’s HVAC products enable precision environment regulation and provide the exclusive benefits in comfortable living and energy conservation!

The Easy Living Climate Control systems increases comfort by regulating specific temperature needs in designated areas of your home — making you and your family more comfortable!

Different areas of your house have different temperature needs, as do individual family members.

Let your thermostat learn your habits! Easy Living's HVAC system offers a variety of features. The system turns off with the alarm of smoke detectors, allows for a personalized climate schedule based on time of day and various alarm settings - this can all be done from lying in bed!

As part of a complete climate control and energy management system, Easy Living’s refined wireless thermostats and remote sensors allow for practical automated temperature management that can be used from your smartphone, tablet, or remote.